Rozdano nagrody za udział w konkursach językowych

Aż 18 uczniów Liceum i Gimnazjum otrzymało w środę  nagrody za udział w konkursach językowych.

Publikacje językowe oraz kupony rabatowe na zakup książek zostały wręczone na apelu językowym prowadzonym przez Jagodę Wawrzków i Agatę Stasiak, a zorganizowanym przez nauczycielkę języka angielskiego mgr Agnieszkę Otto.

Nagrodzeni uczniowie uczestniczyli w ogólnopolskim konkursie zorganizowanym przez Wyższe Szkoły Bankowe Pokaż nam Język, szkolnym konkursie Zan Stories w osobnej edycji dla Liceum i Gimnazjum (był to konkurs na opowiadanie w języku angielskim) oraz w szkolnym konkursie Zanjournal ( był to konkurs na artykuł w języku angielskim).  Wszyscy uczestnicy konkursów wykazali się bardzo dobrą znajomością języka angielskiego, o czym możecie się przekonać sami. Na stronie internetowej szkoły umieszczamy prace licealistów biorące udział w obu konkursach szkolnych. Zapraszamy do lektury.

Gratulujemy nagrodzonym i zachęcamy do udziału w kolejnych przedsięwzięciach szkolnych.

Agnieszka Otto

Konkursy językowe – prezentacja PowerrPoint



  1. Weronika      Pełka, 1B

Spring in Our School

Today was the global day of spring. Our students decided to celebrate it in a special way. Let’s see, how they did it.

It started with the sale of different, delicious cakes during the first and second break. Moreover, each class dressed up according to a theme. For example, class „1A” dressed up as animals while class „2B” were famous singers. In the third lesson inter-class competitions began. There were a lot of different contests, for example, a run with an egg, wheelbarrow races, an obstacle track and many others. Everything was done on the school playground. The winner was class „1B”. They got a small prize- a box of sweets. Another part of our spring day was a barbecue. Everyone could eat a tasty sausage, which was grilled by our janitor. During the rest of the event, our students could lie on blankets and sunbathe – simply laze. Some of us had a picnic. The weather was wonderful. The sun was shining all the time.

I asked one of the students, “What do you think about today’s attractions?”

“All is great! The weather is ideal, we can take a break from normal school days. The sausage was delicious and the competitions were so cool,” she answered.

I think, that our first day of spring was one of the best events organized in our school. Surely, everyone had a great time.

See you next year!

  1. Annika      Łysiak, 1B

Replay of Entertainment Or  Great Rematch?

Less than a year ago Borussia Dortmund eliminated Real Madrid in a semi-final of the

Champions League.

The hero of the first game was Robert Lewandowski. He scored four goals. And this allowed BVB a promotion. This season both clubs are meeting again. Real will definitely try to revenge  for the last season. They can exploit the weakness of Borussia Dortmund. Six players from the last two-legged tie  can’t take part in the game. What is more, the hero of the last season, Lewandowski, can’t play in the first game because of excess yellow cards. In addition, Real seems to be in excellent condition. In the last round they eliminated another German club, Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen (9:2), whereas BVB drew last Revierderby.

 However, it should be remembered, that in the Champions League there are no weak clubs, especially in quarterfinals. The favorite is only on paper.

  1. Anna      Królak, 1B


Reading Books Still Trendy ?

Yesterday, students of our school took part in a performance entitled “4510 Fahrenheita”.

This show was prepared by our high school students. “4510 Fahrenheita” was about the world in which books are prohibited and firefighters burn books instead of extinguishing fires. Nowadays, more and more people prefer audiobooks or the Internet to traditional books. They think that reading books is boring and a waste of time. The results are dyslexia and lack of imagination among children.

Fewer parents read books to kids before going to bed because they are overworked. Also, teenagers prefer abstracts of books rather than reading all books. I think that “4510 Fahrenheita” opens the eyes of young people. Reading books is an important element of our life. Thanks to this action, now we can make different things, for example, buy an article or make music.

In my opinion, without reading we can’t live. I enjoy books. The best kind, for me, is fantasy and my best writer is J.R.R. Tolkien. I encourage everybody to take a book and get immersed in the magic world.

  1. Wojciech      Romański, 1B

Death of the king of flamenco

            Paco de Lucia, one of the best world flamenco guitarists, died of a heart attack. It happened on 26th February in Cancun, Mexico. He was 66 years old. The Mayor of Andalusia, de Lucia’s hometown, said, ” irreparable loss to the world of culture, Andalusia”. The city authorities have announced mourning.

            Francisco Gustavo Sánchez Gomes born on 21st December, 1947, known as Paco de Lucia, was a leading proponent of the New Flamenco style. Players described Lucía as a „titanic figure in the world of flamenco guitar”.

When he started playing the guitar he was 5. In 1959 he received a special award in Festival Concurso Internacional Flamenco de Jerez de la Frontera. In New York he met famous guitarists Nino Ricardo and Sabicasa. They convinced him to create his own style of flamenco. In 1967 he debuted with his solo album, La fabulosa guitarra de Paco de Lucia. Fantasia Flamenca owed him his fame in 1969, this album wasn’t just another flamenco album. De Lucia showed his own style.

 Paco played a lot with different musicians and became one of the greatest guitarists. His style was combined with flamenco and jazz. His music was expressive and innovative. His work helped to inspire many young musicians and is a great cultural heritage.

  1. Barbara      Malcher, 1B


Everyone has got childhood memories.  Mine are bound to cartoons. I still remember a lot of them. They will be forever in my head, in my heart.

What about today’s cartoons? They are usually stupid and awful. In my opinion, the best cartoon I have ever seen was “The Smurfs” . The director showed me how to live in a funny and simple way. He showed which things were wrong and which of them were good. Moreover,  the cartoons of my childhood weren’t as dumb and boring as today’s cartoons are. They had nice, cool, funny actors and interesting plots. They were fantastic stories.

Unfortunately, kids in the 21st century enjoy cartoons about ‘deep’ love, fictitious school problems etc. They don’t show how to behave in real life. What is more, now kids are addicted to social networking sites, internet games and virtual friends. They prefer to spend their spare time online instead of going somewhere with real friends, playing football or reading good books.

To be honest, I have to say that my childhood was so much greater. It was more colourful, funny even if I didn’t have the newest mobile phone, laptop or amazing clothes. I think that today kids have got many more problems because we live faster and nobody can tell them how to live.

I still enjoy watching my favourite cartoons even if I’m too old for it. But I think, it’s never too late to return to our childhood and just smile.





  1. Drama in Sochi  by Karolina Strózik (1c)

Drama in Sochi

It was supposed to be just another day of the Olympic Games in Sochi. The competitors were training very hard before the upcoming competitions.

Everyone was full of stress because they wanted to win the gold prize at all costs. While the viewers were coming and searching for their places to sit, the athletes were trying to keep calm backstage. Suddenly, every person felt that something was going wrong. It was a horrible heat wave coming from the south.

No one had even expected that because it was February, a winter month. First, the coaches, then the athletes and the viewers started to panic. Some people started crying, others were feeling dizzy. Small children were shouting so loudly while their parents were swooning from the heat. It was a horrible view for the organizers who responded with aplomb. They called a meeting with the coaches and the presidents from each participating country and were thinking what they should do in this strange situation. Finally, they decided to change the date for February the next year.

It was a miracle because the heat wave in February hadn’t taken place before. The athletes, like the others, were feeling horrible. They were so angry at the unexpected global warming. It destroyed everything they had been working for. Outside it was about 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. Only the organizers were happy. If the Games were taking place the next year, they would earn more money by selling the tickets again.


2. A special day by Agata Jaskółka kl. (Ic)

A special day

It was supposed to be just another day of the Olympic Games in Sochi, it was the 8th day of it. It wasn’t to be a good day for the Polish representation because the competitions that day weren’t our strength. But what was happening next was a huge surprise and surpassed all expectations.

One of the sports disciplines for this day was 1500 meter speed skating race. The representative of Poland was Zbigniew Bródka, who had to compete with the Olympic Champion from the Netherlands, Danny Morris. It was a big challenge for Zbigniew.

The competitors got ready and the audience started screaming and cheering. They heard the whistle and the race started! The audience was very excited and nervous. First, the Polish representative was losing as the race was demanding and hard for both competitors. Zbigniew was trying to catch up and his coach was showing him some clues. He was doing his best because he really wanted to win. The opponent had been losing his strength and was weaker and weaker, so Zbigniew decided to take over. Everyone on the stands stood up and was shocked. During the last lap Zbigniew overtook his rival! But the race wasn’t finished yet. The whole representation of the Netherlands were nervous, they were sure that Danny would win, but they were wrong. The last seconds were like a nightmare! Both competitors seemed to be the winners, but it was Zbigniew who reached the finishing line first and he became the Olympic Champion! He was better than Danny by about 0,003s. It was such an unexpected result.

Zbigniew was exhausted, he was crying and laughing at the same time. Immediately after the competition Zbigniew got a message from his future sponsors and the biggest surprise for him was that they were going to build a professional stadium for speed skaters in Poland. The whole Polish representation and Zbigniew’s family were very proud. Everyone congratulated him. A modest, ordinary man just got gold.


  1. Short story by Monika Stachowiak

It was supposed to be just another day of the Olympic Games in Sochi but it was indescribable.  My family and I went to Sochi for a winter holiday. I was extremely happy because I love sports and I’m interested in ice skating.

         That day, there was a team skating competition. Everyone in Poland was hoping we would get a medal, however, nothing was sure as our opponents were excellent. We went to the stadium at about 6 p.m. because the competition began at that time. Everybody was waiting for the turn of our team. The emotions were immense. Suddenly, the commentator said, ‘Now the Polish group starts.’ Our girls entered the stadium and suddenly one of them stumbled. The spectators  went silent. A doctor came to the girl and said, ‘ It is a fracture and the competitor can’t take part in the competition’. Our coach didn’t know what to do as he didn’t have a substitute contestant. To my surprise, one of our team girls said  she had seen me ice skating and I was marvelous. My heart started to beat harder and harder. The coach agreed. I couldn’t believe it. My dream came true, I was chosen to take part in the Olympics. When I was on the starting line, I promised myself that I would do my best  to win. And after a while it happened… we won a medal. I was very excited. It was unbelievable, we stood on the podium. During the medal award ceremony,  one of the opponents licked my face. Suddenly,  the magic was gone. I opened my eyes and saw my dog, which was lying next to me with his tongue outstretched.

Unfortunately, it was just a dream  but I hope it will come true one day.


  1. Short story by  Andrzej Hambicki  (2a)


It was supposed to be just another day of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Jack,  a professional skateboarder, who specialized in half – pipe free run competition, woke up and sat on his bed. Many things passed through his mind. He started thinking about his first days in Sochi and his last training with George in the Olympic Centre. They were the only representatives of Canada in free running in Sochi.

 Everything had been going well until a terrible accident happened. During the training, George decided to try a very dangerous and spectacular trick he had prepared earlier. He jumped onto a four meters half – pipe and unfortunately fell out of it. He landed straight on his head. It turned out that he damaged his spine very badly. When an ambulance took him to hospital, doctors said that he would never be able to snowboard any more and would move in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. George was shattered. Finally, the day of  the final contest in half – pipe free run came. Jack had always been dreaming about it. His dreams were about to come true but he was confused. The only thing he could focus on was George’s accident. At three p.m. the competition began. Jack had no hope to win. He just wanted to finish his run and visit George in the hospital. Suddenly, something unexpected happened. His phone rang, showing a text message from George! It said, ‘’Win it for me, buddy.” Jack’s face changed in one second. He was excited and determined. He decided to do his very best and change the set of his tricks to show, including George’s trick. Finally, Jack did very well. His friend’s trick was amazing and the judges loved it. It brought him the gold medal!

The next day Jack visited his friend in the hospital and gave him the medal. They stayed up late, talking and celebrating their common victory.


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